Optional Extras


Second cameraman - £250

Filming the day with a second cameraman allows more flexibility to capture spontaneous moments. It also means we can capture both the bride and groom getting ready (see below) as well as capturing you both leaving the church and arriving at the reception venue.


Pre/post wedding day filming session - £100 per session

A pre-wedding filming session most commonly involves an informal interview/video chat with you both about how you met, happy memories you have together, how you are feeling about the wedding and what you are looking forward to for the future. This can be complemented with a slideshow of your favourite photos. If the session takes place at least two weeks prior to the wedding then it will be available to play at your reception or to share online with family and friends. Alternatively, how about creating a video invitation to email to your guests?


A post wedding session is usually a reflection on the wedding day, your honeymoon and/or the start of your married life together. It could also be a 'trash the dress' session - or pretty much anything you like!


Getting ready - £75

We can arrive early to film the bride and/or groom getting ready for the big day. This can help to get a sense of the excitement and nerves and build up the anticipation. It gives a feel for the complete story of the day, right from the beginning.


Extra copies of the DVD - £20

Included in the main price is one master copy of the DVD. From this you can make as many of your own copies as you want. However, if you'd prefer to have extra copies of the personalised DVD package then these are available for a small fee.


DVD booklet insert - £20

Get a personalised booklet insert with your DVD package, with photos and content decided by you. The photos can be your favourite pictures from your relationship together, photos taken on your wedding day or any other photos that you'd like included. Please note that if you would like photos included that were taken by your official wedding photographer then you need to make sure your copyright agreement with them allows for this. Other content for the booklet could be a copy of your service, your vows or the story of how you met. Perhaps you have a favourite poem or song you'd like included?